Interview June 5 /07 93.3 FM CFMU , "the Artist's Lifestyle", host Laura Hollick 1/2 hour show


Interview May 26 and 31st Cogeco Cable 23, “@Home”, host Deb Tymstra
Interview Nov./07 CHCH TV, Mornings Live, with Lori De Angelis, Demo at BAC
Presentation April/07 Cable 23, City of Burlington Civic Awards Dinner, received Nomination plaque, aired twice
Interview Nov./99 Cable 23, “Around Town”, host Stephanie Henderson, EGP show, “Landmarks at Theatre Aquarius, aired twice
Presentation March/98 Cable 23, Burlington Chamber of Commerce Mayor Mulkewich Tribute Dinner, aired twice
Panel Feb./95 Cable 23, “At The Centre”, host June Watson, BAC auction, aired 3 times
Panel Feb./93 Cable 23, “At The Centre”, host June Watson, BAC auction, aired twice

Magazine Articles

Feature pic. May /15 Poets and Artists #63, Figural Movement curated by F. Scott Hess, features three of my works and a Bio
Feature pic. Dec./14 Poets and Artists #59, "The Power of Drawing” article by Steven Daluz, Two pics and a Bio
Feature pic. Sept./06 Hamilton Magazine, “The Creative City” by Tor Lukasik-Foss, 2 page spread colour pic. Arts and Entertainment Section, Fall
Feature Sept./00 Parkhurst Exchange, “Art From the Start” by Beth Katz (med) cover & colour picture, ISSN 1192-7208


Aug./09 Pastel Artists.Ca (PAC) News Letter Aug.
Sept./09 M2M BAC News Letter.


Apr./14 "In the Garden", Exhibition Catalogue, I ISBN 978-1-927643-15-0, Burlington Art Gallery, Burlington, painting
Nov./00 Convergence Catalogue BAC Mentoring/Collectivizing Project, ISBN 0-919752-75-6
Aug./98 B.A.C. 20th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue, ISBN 0-919752-55-1 by June Watson, Intro by G. Wae
Aug./97 B.F.A.A 30th Anniversary Celebration , Exhibition Catalogue, by Lois Crawford

Newspaper Articles

Event Oct 08/15 "First Fridays: Licensed to Draw (and Paint)”, Dundas Star News, Picture
Two person March 12-18/15 “Miscellany”, Must-See Shows, Now Magazine
Event Nov 04/11 "....Orchids have been planted" by Pepper Parr , Our Burlington
Solo May 25/11 "Wayne Moore at Fran Hill Gallery" by R.M. Vaughan, Globe and Mail
Two person Sept. /10 The Ham. Spectator, "The fabric of Ottawa St..."Jeff Mahoney / Article/254300
Self Nov. 27/08 The Mirror, "Last Chance to Catch Exhibit”, by T. Mealing, small story and pictures., pg18
Self Nov. 28/08 Midland Free Press, "Carriage House Exhibit”, by C. Bernardo, cutline and picture, pg1
Self June 21/07 View , “Union of Opposites”, by Laura Hollick, (1/2 tab) re: show with picture.
Group June /07 Snap, p3 , "Civic Recognition Awards", photo by Chris Patterson
Group April 27/07 The Post, p19 / 20, "City Announces ... Civic Awards", by Dennis Smith, (long)B/W pic
Event Feb. 10/05 The Spectator, “Life as an art form...” by Claudelle Boudreau, (long)col/pics, quoted
Group May 2/03 Hamilton Spectator, “Award winner a Feat of Clay”, by Elaine Hujer, (long)col/pic.
Group Feb. 22/02 The Spectator; ; N.06; "Artists show us where they seek spiritual solace", by Elaine Hujer
Group Aug. 3/01 Hamilton Spectator, “Artists Go Abstract”, by Elane Hujer, (med.)B/w pictures.
Self March 16/01 Hamilton Spectator, “Letting Go of Realism”, by Elane Hujer, (med.) with 2 pictures.
Group Dec. 22/00 Hamilton Spectator, “Going Out on a Limb For Art Sake”, by Elane Hujer, (med.) with 2 colour pictures.
Group Nov. 6/99 Hamilton Spectator, “Shinning Images Dot The Landscape” by Regina Haggo (med.) Group
Group April 12/99 Hamilton Spectator, “Judges Viewpoint”, (short)
Group Feb. 12/99 Hamilton Spectator, “High Drama At Art Auction” by Marg Langdon, (long)
Group Oct. 20/98 Burlington Post , “Artists Show Their Stuff Around”, by Vic Hyde, (short)
Group Oct. 20/98 Hamilton Spectator N.4 , “Lush Life For Escarpment Group”, by Elaine Hujer, (med.) with b/w picture.
Group Oct. 28/98 Hamilton Spectator, “Aldershot Artists included in Show” by Mary Joe Boelhouver , (med.)
Group May 22/98 Hamilton Spectator, “Monotype Art Always a Surprise....”, by Elaine Hujer (med. )
Group April 4/98 Hamilton Spectator, “Kaleidoscope Shows BAC’s Winning Works”, (med.)
Self April 19/98 Burlington Post, “Living History” (short) colour pic and cutline
Self March /98 Cityscope, “Former Mayor Honoured” (short) B/W pic and cutline with Mayor
Self Feb. 28/98 Hamilton Spectator, “Mulkewich Loved By His City and the Feeling Is Mutual”, by Carmela Fragomeni
Group Feb. 11/98 Hamilton Spectator, “You Gotta Have Art...”, by Marg Langford, (med.)
Group Jan. 16/97 Hamilton Spectator, “Area Artists Figure in Brampton”, (short)
Group Jan. 17/97 Brampton Guardian, “Exhibition Of Talent” (short ) 2 b/w Pics with cutline
Feature Oct. /96 Cityscope, “Recognition for Sculptor Comes After 20 Years”, by Kevin de Jong, (long/ pics)


May./12 “...drawn from”,, by Emese Krunak-Hajagos, Solo